Consider a breast lift to celebrate Self-Improvement Month

Some women may feel that their breasts have lost shape and volume after pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. A breast lift can restore the youthful position of the breasts and create a more uplifted appearance. In some cases, Dr. Kimberly Carpin may also recommend combining a breast lift with implants to enhance results further. September […]

Methods of scar removal available with Webster, TX doctor

A scar is a mark remaining on the skin after an injury or wound has healed. Scars can be caused by burns, cuts, scratches, surgery, and acne. They can vary in size, shape, color, and depth. These imperfections on the skin, especially those on the face and other more noticeable areas of the body, can […]

woman with a delicate skin dressed in white lace underwear bra

Breast implant revision surgery

If you live in the Webster, TX community and have had breast augmentation surgery that did not meet your expectations, you are not alone. Many women seek breast implant revision surgery if they are unhappy with the results of their procedure or if they start to experience complications from the surgery, such as capsular contracture. […]

Girl With Fit Body, Soft Skin, Tight Hips And Firm Buttocks In Bikini

How do you sleep comfortably after a Brazilian butt lift procedure?

One of the most difficult aspects of recovery after any surgery is the inability to sleep. You are likely finding it hard to rest or move around without being in pain, especially after you’ve had a procedure like the Brazilian butt lift with our doctor, Dr. Kimberly Carpin, in Webster, TX. If you are finding […]

Sexy womans buttocks in striped bikini

How long does it typically take to recover from a Brazilian butt lift?

The Brazilian butt lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure that many people are choosing to have done. This type of surgery can give you the curves and contours you’ve always wanted. But like with any other type of surgery, there are going to be some risks involved, as well as some necessary recovery time. Dr. […]

Attractive Slender Woman in a Crop Top and Jeans, against a Rail

Using fat transfer for breast augmentation

Do you want fuller breasts without the hassle and expense of getting implants? Are you considering an option that is not as invasive as traditional plastic surgery procedures? If so, you may be interested in learning about fat transfer for breast augmentation with Dr. Kimberly Carpin Plastic Surgery of Webster, TX. This is a breast […]

Fit and sporty girl in underwear

What can be achieved with a thigh lift

Our bodies tend to accumulate and store excess fat in specific areas of the body. While many feel as though the stomach area is the portion of the body most affected by excess fat, this isn’t always the case. And when patients experience significant weight loss, the loss of fat can result in sagging skin. […]

sexy young woman model in sexy dress

What is breast augmentation with fat transfer?

Many women who come into the office of Dr. Kimberly Carpin looking for ways to enhance their breasts may feel as though their only option for breast augmentation is the placement of breast implants. With continued advances in cosmetic medicine and surgery, women now have other solutions to consider when looking to add volume and […]

Skin care products

Why buy products from your doctors instead of stores

When you walk into the local drugstore or retail store, you may notice aisles and aisles of skincare products to choose from. With such a wide variety of options and price points, many patients in the Webster, TX area who are considering skincare products may be overwhelmed at the options. At the same time, their […]

woman eating healthy salad sitting on the table with green fresh ingredients

Skin Lab – what to eat to get collagen back

Your skin is kept tight, firm, and youthful thanks to an element in the body called collagen. Collagen is found in the human body, specifically in the skin and connective tissues. It also makes up about 30% of the body’s protein. Patients who are dealing with thin, crepey, aging skin may be worried that they […]

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