How do you sleep comfortably after a Brazilian butt lift procedure?

Girl With Fit Body, Soft Skin, Tight Hips And Firm Buttocks In BikiniOne of the most difficult aspects of recovery after any surgery is the inability to sleep. You are likely finding it hard to rest or move around without being in pain, especially after you’ve had a procedure like the Brazilian butt lift with our doctor, Dr. Kimberly Carpin, in Webster, TX. If you are finding it hard to sleep, here are some tips that can help you find a bit more comfort during the healing process following the treatment with Dr. Kimberly Carpin.

Top three tips for a better night’s rest after Brazilian butt lift surgery

  • Use pillows to support your body – This will help take the pressure off your back or buttocks so you can get a deeper sleep and find yourself less restless at night. If you don’t have any pillows near you, you can always put one under each knee so there is no added weight on your lower back or behind.
  • Avoid lying flat – While sleeping with a pillow between your legs may be helpful, it is important that you try not to lie flat because this will put too much strain on your body and likely cause pain in some areas as soon as morning comes. Instead, rest semi-upright with pillows propped around your knees for extra support during your rest.
  • Sleep on your side – This is the best position for when you are healing from a Brazilian butt lift. To take even more pressure off one or both of your legs, use pillows to prop up one leg so it is not resting flat on the bed while you sleep. You may also try taking sleeping pills if you find it extremely uncomfortable to sleep any other way after surgery.

How do I find out more about tips for sleeping and recovery following the BBL procedure?

If you are still having trouble sleeping after trying these suggestions, contact our team in Webster, TX for more help. Dr. Kimberly Carpin can provide more recommendations if you are experiencing issues in getting a good night’s rest following your procedure. Call 281-333-4600 today if you are worried about an upcoming procedure and the healing process required.

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