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Plastic surgery procedures are commonly sought by millions of Americans each year. The procedures that Dr. Carpin performs are intended to bring out your natural beauty by refining features and removing obstacles like excess fat and loose skin, which are keeping you from feeling your best. With plastic surgery being so common, we recognize the importance of a smooth and efficient recovery. Lymphatic massage has emerged as an excellent way to support this goal.

At Kim Carpin Plastic Surgery in Webster, TX, we see you through every phase of your treatment, from consult to planning to performance and recovery. To learn more about post-surgical lymphatic massage or to schedule a visit with Dr. Carpin, contact us at (281) 333-4600 today. We’re proud to serve patients from Houston and surrounding areas.

How Your Lymphatic System is Affected by Surgery

It might feel challenging to connect the dots between lymphatic massage and plastic surgery. We’ll begin with the basics about how surgery affects this important body system. The lymphatic system is part of the immune system. Its role is to pick up lymph fluid and chyle (proteins and fats) that leak from blood vessels during circulation. After surgery, the lymphatic system is an important aspect of recovery because it is responsible for the fluid drainage that helps reduce swelling. The fluid drainage that occurs through the lymphatic system is also an integral aspect of detoxifying the body of anesthesia and other medications that are taken before and after surgery. Where there is better fluid drainage after surgery, there may be faster and more efficient tissue recovery.

What are the Benefits of Post-Surgical Lymphatic Massage?

Getting lymphatic massage after a plastic surgery procedure can help you navigate your recovery by:
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing bruising
  • Improving circulation
  • Softening scar tissue
  • Accelerate the healing process

Is Lymphatic Massage Painful?

Some types of massage are known to be relatively uncomfortable. Lymphatic drainage massage is not one of them! This massage technique is focused on moving fluid through vessels and nodes that are located in more superficial layers of tissue. This means that it takes only light pressure and smooth, rhythmic strokes to achieve the intended results. Not only will you find your lymphatic massage comfortable, but chances are you’ll also find it incredibly relaxing!

How Soon After Surgery Should I Receive Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

The timing of lymphatic massage after plastic surgery may depend on the procedure you’re having done. This is because, while we want to support detoxification and optimal tissue recovery, we also must avoid disrupting your incisions as they are healing. If your procedure involves very small incisions, as liposuction does, you may begin lymphatic massage sessions within a week or two. Longer incisions or more comprehensive surgical techniques may require a longer wait-time to begin massage which can tug on the skin. Even if you wait a few weeks to schedule your post-surgical lymphatic drainage massage, you can expect to reap the benefits of this service throughout the remainder of your recovery period.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

You may schedule two to three lymphatic drainage sessions a week for one or more weeks once you begin this service. Similar to the onset of your massage treatments, the type of surgery you have will influence the number of treatments you ma benefit from after your procedure. We can discuss this during your planning phase to make sure you receive the full rewards of this post-surgical treatment.

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