The mouth may not be the first place you see signs of aging develop, but time will take its toll on this area over time as well. Collagen depletion, a natural byproduct of the aging process, leads to thinning lips and loss of definition to the mouth. Reduced collagen levels also contribute to the fine vertical lines that begin to fan-out from above the upper lip. Known as perioral, smoker’s or lipstick lines, these aging symptoms can be exacerbated by puffing on a cigarette, sipping through straws or regularly pursing the lips.

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What is Volbella?

When it comes to enhancing the delicate lip area, the use of a specially designed filler is needed to achieve results that look and feel utterly natural. We are proud to offer Volbella at ACQUA Medspa to help our patients get lusher, more symmetrical lips without leaving the mouth looking heavy or overdone. Volbella is an FDA-approved filler made with proprietary technology that enhances and defines the lip area naturally.

How Volbella Works To Restore Youth

Beyond adding fullness to the lip, this versatile and effective injectable is also one of the only fillers that adequately address perioral lines. By providing gentle filling and contouring, these lines can also be softened for a more youthful look. The procedure can address both concerns at the same time, giving you a dramatic improvement in just a few minutes in our office.

Who is a candidate for Volbella?

Volbella has a strong track record of safety and efficacy for adults age 21 and up. The treatment is usually recommended for healthy individuals that would like to enhance the looks of their lips without surgery. In addition to patients that have seen changes to their mouths over time, Volbella can also help younger patients plump up their pout if their lips have never been as full as they would have liked. While this procedure is safe for any skin type and tone, it is not advised for patients that are allergic to lidocaine or have a history of anaphylaxis. Our staff will collect a full medical history at your initial assessment to ensure Volbella is safe for you.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Volbella is part of the Juvéderm line of dermal fillers, which all contain hyaluronic acid as their base ingredient. Hyaluronic acid helps the skin cells bind with water, which keeps the skin hydrated, soft and supple. Like collagen, hyaluronic acid levels in the body also diminish as we age, leading to dry skin and the formation of wrinkles. By replacing hyaluronic acid in the dermal structure, we can effectively add volume and smooth away lines and wrinkles from the inside out.

What is Vycross Technology?

Vycross technology is a proprietary formulation developed by the makers of Juvéderm that takes the benefits of hyaluronic acid to the next level. This process combines different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, which creates a better binding to the skin structure and a smoother effect overall. Patients find Vycross technology to be particularly useful in beautiful, natural lip augmentation, producing a “your lips but better” result that lasts up to one year.

What To Expect During Volbella Treatment

Once we have determined your aesthetic goals during your consultation, we can provide you with a treatment plan, so you know what to expect from your Volbella procedure. This filler is formulated with lidocaine (a local anesthetic), which ensures your treatment is comfortable and pain-free. Most patients only feel a small pinch at the start of the treatment when the fine needle used first penetrates the skin. The procedure should not take any more than 30 minutes, and you will be able to resume your daily routine immediately following your appointment. No downtime is required after Volbella injections.

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What is recovery like After Volbella?

Some patients do experience mild swelling, redness and bruising after their Volbella treatment, but rest assured those side effects will subside on their own relatively quickly. None of the effects should interfere with your daily activities and will not likely be noticeable to others. You may be advised to refrain from vigorous exercise, direct sunlight and extreme heat for a day or two to prevent possible complications around the injection sites.

Does Volbella Lip Enhancement Provide Lasting Results?

You won’t have to wait long to see the benefits of your Friendswood Volbella injections. The immediate plumping effective of the filler will be apparent when you leave our office, and full results will become noticeable in a week or two. Due to the Vycross technology in the formulation, the results of Volbella tend to last longer than other fillers. Patients are generally able to enjoy their enhanced look for up to one year before requiring any follow-up treatments to maintain their youthful fullness. By scheduling annual appointments at ACQUA Medspa, you can keep your new look for as long as you like.

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Choose ACQUA Medspa For Your Volbella Lip Enhancement in Houston, TX

Volbella is a smooth solution that offers natural plumping benefits to the lips and turns back the signs of aging on the mouth. The team at ACQUA Medspa has the expertise to administer these injections safely and effectively for our patients in just a few minutes of treatment time. To find out if Volbella is the right treatment for you, contact ACQUA Medspa today to schedule your appointment.

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