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The aging face can present a host of concerns, from loss of contours to fine lines and wrinkles. In recent years, dermal fillers have become an incredibly popular treatment to address these and other signs of aging. While advantageous, dermal fillers aren’t the ideal solution for every person wanting to restore a bit of youthfulness to their skin. As a leader in innovative plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments, Dr. Carpin enjoys making sure that her patients have the choices they deserve. Nano Fat Grafting is one of the best choices available today.

“I had a tummy tuck and liposuction with Dr. Carpin. She was very thorough as well as kind. My surgery went so well and I LOVE the results. She did a phenomenal job! I will definitely be going back to her for more procedures.”

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What is Tulip Nano Fat?

Fat grafting is a technique that has been popular in plastic surgery for several years. Historically, the process has involved harvesting fat to use for body contouring. The Brazilian Butt Lift is a prime example of how fat grafting has been done. Tulip Nano Fat treatment is a minimally-invasive method of extracting fat from an area like the abdomen and using it in a much more refined and delicate manner. The term “nano fat” refers to super micro-fat, fat cells that are broken down and filtered to such a degree that the product can be injected using the smallest cannulas.Tulip Nano Fat is 100% biocompatible with the body, completely eliminating the risk of rejection or allergic reaction.

How does Tulip Nano Fat Work?

Nano Fat works differently than traditional fat grafting. This is because of the way fat cells are processed. Recent advancements in medicine have lead to the increased use of stem cells, readily available in fat. Stem cells are highly beneficial for boosting the body’s regenerative functions, including the regeneration of healthy skin. In addition to mesenchymal stem cells, fat also holds various growth factors, which further the tissue regeneration process, including cellular turnover. The unique way in which Tulip Nano Fat is processed produces some of the most rejuvenating filler for fine lines, wrinkles, and other cosmetic concerns. 

What parts of the body does it treat?

Nano Fat is highly purified and refined so that it can be injected using the tiniest cannulas. It is an ideal autologous filler for areas of the face, neck, chest, and hands that are affected by aging. Tulip Nano Fat Grafting can be used to smooth fine lines and creases around the eyes, on the forehead, around the mouth, and more.

Who is a candidate for Tulip Nano Fat?

One of the benefits of Tulip Nano Fat Grafting is that it does not require large quantities of fatty tissue. Most people who are interested in this treatment have a sufficient amount of fat in one or more areas to achieve excellent cosmetic results. In addition to having enough fatty tissue, ideal candidates for Nano Fat Grafting are in good general health and do not smoke, or can refrain from smoking for a time.

How can I prepare?

There are generally very few instructions before the Nano Fat Grafting procedure. Patients may be advised to stop smoking and avoid the use of certain products, including aspirin and ibuprofen. The purpose of these instructions is to maximize the regenerative effects of the harvested fat while simultaneously reducing risks like bleeding and bruising.

How is it performed?

The treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure using only a local anesthetic in both the harvest and recipient sites. Patients can expect to feel comfortable throughout their treatment. Dr. Carpin obtains fat from the harvest area using a small cannula. She then uses specialized Tulip instruments and technique to break the fat down into its purest and softest form. The processed fat is transferred into sterile micro cannulas, which are then used to inject the fat into fine lines, scars, and other cosmetic irregularities.

What is recovery like?

Patients can return home shortly after their procedure, but may need someone to drive them. We will discuss this recommendation before the day of treatment so there are no surprises. At home, patients should focus on rest for a few days. Strenuous activities, heavy lifting, and exercise should be avoided for the first 72 hours. Swelling and bruising may occur in the area from which fat has been obtained, as well as the area or areas into which fat has been injected. These side effects resolve on their own in a few days. During the brief recovery period after Nano Fat Grafting, patients should not smoke and should refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages.The cosmetic benefits of Tulip Nano Fat Grafting build over one to three months. We generally expect 70% to 80% of the transferred fat to survive once it has begun to receive a healthy blood supply. The effects of the treatment usually peak around three months after the procedure and can last three years or more.

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