Top 3 Amazing Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainageIf you have always dreamed of having a slimmer, sharper facial appearance but aren’t ready to deal with the aftereffects of recovering from an invasive procedure, a lymphatic drainage treatment may be the perfect facial rejuvenation service for you! Say no to long recoveries and having to take time off work. With lymphatic drainage, you can change and improve the way your face looks with a simple massage.

Through massaging techniques that can be done with hands and simple massaging tools, your face will soon begin to look and feel more improved! These are the top 3 benefits of lymphatic drainage:

Reduces Facial Swelling

Lymphatic drainage massages are used to reduce the appearance of swelling or puffiness throughout the face and body. This swelling comes from bodily tissue retaining fluid after the cardiovascular system sends blood throughout the body. Consistently draining this fluid can help patients look slimmer, healthier, and younger.

Improves Your Immune System

Drainage occurs through the lymph nodes in the body, which are located around the breasts, groin, underarms, and under the throat. Lymph nodes function to cleanse your blood, and by re-circulating the fluid left behind in your body through lymphatic drainage, this naturally helps detoxify that process.

People who experience facial swelling or congestion when they have the flu or feel inflamed in areas of their body can benefit from lymphatic drainage, as it opens up their lymph nodes to get rid of unhealthy toxins. Patients normally feel an improvement after just a single lymphatic drainage session.

Enhances Your Facial Structure

When it comes to changing the appearance of their face, many patients want to achieve a slimmer, younger-looking face shape. By undergoing lymphatic drainage, you can not only reduce swelling but also enhance the appearance of your natural facial structure. Specific massages are able to target drainage in your cheeks and near your eyes, jaw, nose, and eyebrows. Drainage in these areas will help to highlight your jawline, bring out your cheekbones, and relax your brow bone, allowing for a more radiant, refreshed look.

Lymphatic Drainage in Houston, TX

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kimberly Carpin is all about bringing out your inner beauty through expert care that enhances the facial features you already have! If you are interested in lymphatic drainage or are wondering if it can benefit you, call Dr. Carpin’s office in Houston, TX, at 281-333-4600 for more information. To book your first consultation, click here.

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