How to Treat Back Acne and Scarring

Laser Skin Resurfacing Houston, TXSome people develop acne on their back in addition to their face, or even only on their back. Scratching or picking at the acne on your back can result in scarring and can even make your acne worse, but many people just can’t leave it alone. Before treating the scars caused by acne, it’s important to treat all active blemishes and the cause of those breakouts. Some scar treatments can’t be done if you have an active breakout, but others will only be less effective if there is new acne coming up. Keep reading to learn more about

Types of scars

Hypertrophic scars are the most common type of scar that is correlated with back acne. These scars can be identified by the extra layers of scarring that sit on top of your skin. Other scars, referred to as keloid scars, are shiny and smooth patches of scar tissue. Sometimes, in severe cases, back acne can produce atrophic scars, which look sunken in or look like an ice pick has been taken to your skin.

At-home treatments

At-home treatments can be attempted if you have a smaller number of scars and they aren’t very deep. Discoloration may be treated at home with weak BHA or AHA acids. Because of their placement, you may need someone to assist you with your treatment.

In-office procedures

There are many types of in-office treatments that we could recommend to help treat the scars or active acne on your back. Chemical peels have a good track record of helping acne and certain types of scarring from acne (atrophic scars can be difficult to remove). Strong chemical peels containing glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and other hydroxyl acids can all be utilized to help treat acne or scarring. Chemical peels can be used on many parts of the body, not just the face.

If you have recurrent breakouts that result in scarring, schedule an appointment with us to learn more about how we may be able to help. Give us a call today at (281) 333-4600 to schedule a consultation about acne, scarring, and chemical peels.

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