Getting Ready for Halloween with a Treatment

Facial Plastic Surgery  Houston TXBy far, one of the best things about autumn is the fact that Halloween is not far away when you start to notice that the nights are getting cooler. Halloween brings with it a sweet-tooth and a youthful joy in getting all dressed up. Maybe you throw a big party every year, or perhaps you simply love to stay home and watch scary movies. For so many of us, Halloween brings out another part of us that we don’t always get to see. No matter if you like to stay in or go out on Halloween, one thing is sure: Halloween is so much more fun when you’re feeling your best.

Because fall is such a great time to start thinking of certain treatments, we wanted to focus on a few of our favorites this month. Keep reading for some of our all-time favorite treatments and how you can benefit from them this month!


Otoplasty (or surgery of the ears) corrects protruding or disfigured ears that may cause you annoyance. It can also improve the position, shape, or size of the ear (or on certain parts of the ear). If you’re not pleased with ears that stick out too far or ears that are oddly shaped, then Otoplasty might be a great option for you.


One of the best things you can do for your skin during fall is show it a little extra love. This is a great time of year for treatments that help support a more flawless complexion. Microneedling treatments are ideal for those who are looking to reduce the signs of wrinkles, scarring, damaged, or aging skin. Get ready to reveal a younger, fresher complexion!


Honestly, there is not a bad time for Botox. One of the hardest-working treatments we have, Botox is a life-changer that can help erase wrinkles that are deeper-set into the skin. Get ready for the holiday season with a more youthful, rested-looking complexion.

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