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Dermal Fillers Houston, TXEveryone wants to look beautiful on Valentine’s Day, and you may be wondering about ways to correct lines and wrinkles before the holiday. Surprisingly enough, your own fat might be the answer. Facial fat transfer is a procedure that uses fat from your body to reduce wrinkles and accentuate your facial contours. When you see the results, you will love what your fat can do for you!

How Facial Fat Transfer Works

Facial fat transfer works by collecting fat from an area of your body, say your abdomen, thighs, buttocks or back. The fat is processed and loaded into a syringe. Dr. Carpin injects the fat into areas of your face that will benefit from additional volume and lift. Facial augmentation with fat helps with wrinkles, as well as areas that have poor volume, such as the cheeks.

Facial Fat Transfer vs. Dermal Fillers

Some dermal fillers are designed to restore facial volume, so why would you consider facial fat transfer over these other products? The main reason that men and women choose fat transfer is that it is the most natural injectable treatment available. The hyaluronic acid and other ingredients in dermal fillers are derived from sources other than your body. Although the treatments are safe, many people prefer using their own fat.

The Results of Facial Augmentation with Fat

Fat injections allow Dr. Carpin to precisely sculpt the treatment area, so the results look exceptionally natural. Your body may break down some of the fat, so you may need several initial treatments, as well as routine follow-up treatments.

Like dermal fillers and injectables, facial fat transfer requires no downtime. The area where the fat is harvested will need some healing. Dr. Carpin uses liposuction to extract the fat, so you will have a small incision that needs to heal. The area may feel tender for a few days.

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