CoolSculpting for body contouring without plastic surgery

IStock 601916540Webster, TX patients interested in achieving better body contours without needing plastic surgery may feel disappointed when months of diet and exercise fails to make a difference. There are certain areas of the body that are difficult to address when it comes to unwanted fat deposits. Instead of plastic surgery, Dr. Kimberly Carpin and her team may encourage patients to ask about a treatment known as CoolSculpting.

What is Coolsculpting?

Addressing specific areas of fat deposits, such as the tummy and “muffin top,” is easy with CoolSculpting treatments. CoolSculpting works by essentially freezing fat away through cryolipolysis. This method reduces areas of stubborn fat that fail to respond to changes in diet and exercise. The cooling energy from the CoolSculpting device targets and freezes these fat cells while leaving the skin unharmed. The body then naturally removes these fat deposits through the lymphatic system over several weeks. allowing patients to see the changes they desire in the treatment area.

Why choose CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting has several advantages that make it a highly desirable choice for many of our patients. Both men and women feel that the procedure is:

  • Affordable – patients will see results after even just one treatment, making it an affordable way to address tummy fat without surgery.
  • Non-invasive – because there is no cutting or liposuction that occurs, this procedure is non-invasive while being effective at achieving the changes patients desire.
  • Safe and effective – the CoolSculpting treatment has been approved by the FDA as both safe and effective, making it a highly encouraged treatment for those considering body sculpting solutions.
  • Comfortable – while the idea of freezing fat cells doesn’t sound like it would be a comfortable experience, it is! Most patients just describe a cooling sensation on the skin but find treatments to be well-tolerated.

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If you reside in the community of Webster, TX or the surrounding areas, we welcome you to book a consultation visit with our team to discuss the advantages of nonsurgical body contouring services. CoolSculpting is popular for a reason! Call the office at (281) 333-4600 and visit the practice located at 18201-B Gulf Freeway.

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