Using chin augmentation to add volume, dimension, and definition

ChinA weak chin, double chin, or poor definition of the jaw area can be problematic for both men and women. An attractive appearance often requires facial symmetry and dimension that clearly separates the bottom part of the face from the neck. Whether its genetics or past weight gain, some adults are unhappy with the definition of their face and are interested in seeking surgical treatments that can correct these inconsistencies. For many, procedures such as chin augmentation may be the direction to go!

What is chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation is a variety of surgical procedure that is designed to modify the overall appearance of the chin and jaw area, while ensuring definition between the face and the neck. In most of these situations, patients will benefit from the use of a chin implant. Chin implants are placed over the bone of the chin to help protrude the chin and jaw forward for better separation. They can add width, height, and overall volume while also ensuring facial symmetry. This minor surgical procedure is commonly used to ensure natural-looking results.

What can chin augmentation accomplish?

There are many goals that may be reached with the use of chin implants and other chin augmentation procedures. Patients can:

  • Increase the chin’s vertical height
  • Decrease the appearance of the jowls
  • Increase projection of the chin when seen from the side (profile)
  • Widen the chin and jaw area
  • Improve overall facial harmony
  • Refine the jaw line
  • Ensure a streamlined facial appearance

Who is a candidate for chin augmentation procedures?

The best patients are individuals who are dealing with a weak chin, a chin that has muscle dimpling, or a chin that attracts negative attention to the jowls. These imperfections can play a role in one’s lowered self-confidence and make patients feel self-conscious about the appearance of the chin area.

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