Recovering from a Chemical Peel Properly

Chemical Peel Houston, TXIf you enjoy the routine of taking care of your skin, you might be one of those people who have a collection of skincare products at home. Regular facials are probably not new to you, and you likely love the glow you have when you leave the office. You may schedule them regularly and crave that post-facial feeling. But, if you’ve never gotten a chemical peel, they can seem a little daunting. Why would you want your skin to peel?

Chemical peels are a superb way to remove dead skin cells and reveal the glowing, healthy skin below. Especially in the winter, our skin is dull and dry; a chemical peel can be a welcome boost to tired skin. Keep reading to learn how to take care of your skin after a chemical peel to have the best results.

Avoid Makeup

Though makeup isn’t a problem for everyone, going without foundation for a couple days can help your skin recover from a peel even better. In fact, your skin may love a rest from ingredients and chemicals in makeup, especially if you’re acne-prone.

If you can’t go without makeup, then try to find a light mineral makeup to wear. Also, avoid scrubbing when you remove the makeup. Be gentle!

Don’t Pick

Though some professionals don’t warn against peeling the skin off your face, we recommend leaving it be. Some skin types may develop hyperpigmentation or scarring from removal of skin too early, and that’s the exact opposite of what a peel should give you! If you are bothered by large flakes of skin coming off your face, then you can use small cuticle scissors to trim skin from your face.


You may find that your skin is dry and thirsty just a few hours after you applied moisturizer. Bringing moisturizer to work might help keep that thirsty skin in check.

An occlusive moisturizer may be a good addition to your skincare regime for the next few days, too. This will keep moisture in better, and support quick healing of your new complexion.

Wear Sunscreen

Protecting the fresh, new layer of skin as it develops is key, so wear sunscreen every day. Reapply in the middle of the day, and wear a hat or use an umbrella if you are especially sun-sensitive.

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