What to expect with breast reconstruction surgery

IStock 464865716At Kimberly Carpin Plastic Surgery, many women come in to learn about procedures such as breast reconstruction surgery. This is often a concern for women who have had breast cancer surgeries and want to restore their feminine appearance. The removal of the breasts is a personal—and difficult—decision for women to make, and can take with them their feminine identity. Breast reconstruction surgery can help restore one’s body contours on the chest to make women feel “whole” again.

What is involved in breast reconstruction surgery?

The specifics of breast reconstruction will vary from patient to patient. Many women who have undergone mastectomy have had a part of a breast removed to address cancer or may have removed the entire breast. When patients consult with Dr. Kimberly Carpin, they can speak to a professional in a discreet and positive manner about the way in which they would like to reconstruct the breast. Some women also choose to expand the skin tissues to allow for the placement of breast implants during the same surgery. Depending on if the nipple area was removed during the mastectomy, it can be repositioned on the breast to look as natural as possible. Women find that by undergoing breast reconstruction, they not only feel more feminine, but they will fit in their clothes better and have improved self-confidence after getting a breast cancer diagnosis.

Who is a candidate in breast reconstruction surgery?

Dr. Kimberly Carpin finds that many women who have had partial or full removal of one or more breasts due to breast cancer are candidates for the breast reconstruction surgery. During a consultation appointment, the patient is evaluated to determine the best course of action. The plastic surgeon will create a treatment plan that fits the needs of the patient and helps them in achieving their desired goals to restore their confidence following a difficult time.

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