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blepharoplasty Houston, TXWe all have something about our appearance that we’re not comfortable with. Unfortunately, we’re wired that way by society. If we love the way we look, we’re vain. So, we wish we were taller, had curly hair, had freckles, or… the list goes on and on. But sometimes our lives can truly be improved by adjusting our appearance. For example, blepharoplasty can help remove sagging skin that dips into our line of sight. Imagine being able to see how you’re meant to! Keep reading to learn about blepharoplasty and have some of your most frequently asked questions answered.

What does it treat?

Blepharoplasty is also called cosmetic eyelid surgery, and its focus is changing the skin and fat around the eye area. An upper blepharoplasty involves the removal of the fat and excess skin that sits above the upper eyelid. A lower blepharoplasty targets the bags under your eyes, and may include removal of a little bit of skin to leave a smooth appearance after the bags have been removed.

Blepharoplasty is recommended for people who have excess skin sagging into their line of sight, or even for people who are uncomfortable with the amount of skin and/or fat around their eyes. If fat or skin affect your vision or how you feel about yourself, talk to us about blepharoplasty.

Will I have scars?

While we pride ourselves in hiding the scars from upper and lower blepharoplasty procedures, there will always be a tiny scar after any surgical procedure. Generally, we can hide scars increases of the skin so they are perceptible to you and nobody else. In fact, the scars are often so minimal that people don’t have any idea that you’ve had anything done. You may get more compliments that you look better or more healthy!

Can I wear contact lenses?

Because your eyes will need time to heal, pulling on the skin to insert contact lenses and remove them is not recommended until you have fully healed from surgery. For a few days to a few weeks, we recommend wearing your glasses. This will give your eyes the best results and can help you avoid complications like infections.

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