Tone the arms and address sagging skin with an arm lift

Arm LiftMany patients visit the practice of Dr. Kimberly Carpin due to their struggle with excess and sagging skin on the upper arms. The appearance of drooping skin in this area can be extremely frustrating, even for patients who are within their ideal weight range and live an active, healthy lifestyle. This happens because the tissue in this area is resistant to more natural means of toning and tightening. Dr. Kimberly Carpin understands how difficult the upper arm area can be and offers a solution with a surgical arm lift.

What are the benefits of an arm lift?

The arm lift procedure has several advantages. It:

  • Sculpts the upper arms for a more toned and slender appearance
  • Refines weight loss results by removing excess skin
  • Tightens skin in this area that may be sagging due to the natural process of aging
  • Allows patients to wear sleeveless tops and swimwear with more confidence
  • Improve overall self-esteem when wearing more revealing clothing

Who is a candidate for an arm lift procedure?

Many of the men and women who visit Dr. Kimberly Carpin of Webster, TX are appropriate candidates for the arm lift procedure. During a consultation appointment, our doctor will evaluate a patient to determine if this surgery can help them achieve the results they desire. The best patients are those who:

  • Are within their ideal weight range. Patients who still need to lose a substantial amount of weight may want to wait until they have reached their goal before pursuing plastic surgery such as the arm lift.
  • Are in overall good health. Healthy patients who live active and healthy lifestyles are the best candidates for cosmetic procedures such as this.
  • Are performing the surgery or themselves, and no one else. Patients considering the arm lift should be doing so for their own body goals and not to change someone else’s feelings about them.
  • Have realistic expectations of what can be achieved with the arm lift procedure. Feel free to ask our team for before and after photos of past patients to get an idea of the final results.

Schedule a consultation

If you want tone, slender arms, it is time to connect with an experienced plastic surgeon in the area of Webster, TX. Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Kimberly Carpin and discover what the arm lift procedure can do for you! Her office is conveniently located at 18201-B Gulf Freeway and can be reached by phone at (281) 333-4600.

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